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The Aggrolites

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Popular song The Aggrolites :

The Aggrolites - Free Time.mp3

The Aggrolites are a rocksteady and ska band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 2002.The Aggrolites are an amalgamation of two previous Los Angeles reggae and ska bands, the Vessels and the Rhythm Doctors. They formed in 2002 as a live backing band for reggae icon Derrick Morgan, and were asked to record music for a new Morgan album. The project was never released but the recording sessions inspired the Aggrolites to become a permanent band. They have served as the backing band for Phyllis Dillon, Scotty, Joseph Hill of Culture, Prince Buster, and Tim Armstrong.




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The Specials – DVD 30th Anniversary Live (2009)

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DVD tracklist: The Specials, “30th Anniversary Tour”
1. “Do The Dog”
2. “(Dawning Of A) New Era”
3. “Gangsters”
4. “It’s Up To You”
5. “Monkey Man”
6. “Rat Race”
7. “Hey, Little Rich Girl”
8. “Blank Expression”
9. “Doesn’t Make It Alright”
10. “Stupid Marriage”
11. “Concrete Jungle”
12. “Friday Night Saturday Morning”
13. “Stereotype”
14. “Man At C&A”
15. “A Message To You Rudy”
16. “Do Nothing”
17. “Little Bitch”
18. “Nite Klub”
19. “Too Much Too Young”
20. “Longshot”/”Liquidator”/”Moonstomp”
21. “Enjoy Yourself”
22. “Ghost Town”
23. “Guns Of Navarone”
24. “You’re Wondering Now”


The Busters

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Popular song The Busters :

The Busters - Don t worry, be happy.mp3

The Busters are a German third wave ska revival band, established as a side project in 1987. Playing 2 Tone-influenced ska, they became one of the best-known German ska bands, having a minor hit single in Germany with a ska cover of Bobby McFerrin's "Don't Worry Be Happy" They signed to Sony Music in Germany in 1996, and released the album Stompede and the best of compilation Boost Best. They continue to tour Germany every Christmas and run their own independent record label, Ska Revolution Records. The Busters have recently released their thirteenth studio album Waking The Dead.The song "Dr. Phibes" from the album "Revolution Rock" (2004) is inspired by the film The Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971). It is an instrumental with the organ as the main instrument, including a long organ solo.




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This article aims at revealing some ideas brought to life by Hélène Lee, the author of The First Rasta. The French journalist and world traveler has lived a patchwork quilt existence, traveling Jamaica and Africa, which serves her analysis of the Jamaican belief system called Rastafarianism quite well. She has the perspective to see Jamaica from the inside without losing herself in its mystery and magic. That's no small thing. Her story revolves around Leonard Howell, whom she presents as the first real prophet of Rastafarianism. She touches on history, language, art, and culture along the way.The First Rasta is an ambitious project and an unqualified success, though the story shifts perspective dramatically once Howell's main following disintegrates. By presenting the high points of Lee's narrative in an abbreviated form, I hope to shine light on the specific aspects she stresses the most in her story. Interested readers can look to the book to see them expanded in full technicolor.


The Toasters

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Popular song The Toasters :

The Toasters - 2 Tone Army.mp3

The Toasters was one of the first American bands in the third wave of ska, and may be the longest active ska band in the United States, although singer Robert Hingley is the only original member still in the band.
They have released nine studio albums, most of them on Moon Ska Records. The Toasters experienced a small degree of commercial success in the late 1990s due to the popularity of third wave ska in North America. Their song "Two-Tone Army" is also the theme song for the Nickelodeon show KaBlam! (credited as the Moon Ska Stompers) and they recorded background music in many TV commercials, including for America Online and Coca-Cola. Their song "Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down" appeared in the pilot episode of the animated series Mission Hill. They still perform around the world, and in 2007 they celebrated their 25th Anniversary with a new studio album, One More Bullet.


New York Fever

Don't Let the Bastards Grind You Down



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This film is a strange confab of celebrity travel souvenir and retrospective of the Rastafarian movement on the occasion of Bob Marley's 60th birthday.Much of the surviving Marley clan is featured here — Ziggy, Rita, Cedelia, Damian and Julian — there's music and interviews. And more interviews — interviews with lots of people who just happened to show up for Bob's birthday celebration down in Ethiopia. There's Danny Glover, Angelique Kidjo, Lauren Hill and others but the participants here seem to be fighting over Marley's legacy as much as celebrating it.But the title of the film is 'Africa Unite' and NOT 'A Posthumous Celebration of Bob Marley's 60th Birthday'. Though the film doesn't come together as a cohesive narrative or a document of an important event, it does feature a few good, informative moments for people unfamiliar with Marley and/or the Rastafarian movement.Notably, Haile Selassie's 1963 address to the U.N. and the pan-African movement are addressed after the 2nd half-hour, the same speech that Marley put to music and recorded as the song "War".But the relationship of these celebrities and the search for human rights, cultural development and education get somewhat muddled as the filmmakers wander back and forth from hotel conference-rooms to the streets of Addis Ababa apparently seeking some sort of grilled-cheese manifestation of the departed musician. There's plenty of archival footage and information about Haile Selassie, but those who are really interested in the subculture and Marley's impact might do better to see Jeremy Marre's 'Rebel Music' (2001), Awake Zion (2005), The Promised Ship (2000) or any of the many Wailers concert videos.


Giuliano Palma & the Bluebeaters

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Popular song Giuliano Palma & the Bluebeaters :

Giuliano Palma & The Bluebeaters - Long playing - I've been hurt (Bill Deal & the Rhondels cover).mp3

Giuliano Palma and the Bluebeaters are a rising cover band in Italy and perform a mix of reggae, ska and rocksteady. Formed in 1994, the Bluebeaters comprises musicians of the Italian groups Casino Royale (Giuliano Palma, Ferdinando Masi, Patrick Benifei), of Africa Unite (Bunna, Paolo Parpaglione, Cato Senatore) and of the Fratelli di Soledad (Zorro).


Combo ( repack ) ( V2 RECORDS , UNIVERSAL 2010 )



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Ub40 are one of the best live acts around. This video is evidence to it. 60,000 hungry fans singing along to classics such as red,red wine, cant help falling in love, along with older tunes such as one in ten and johnny too bad. You will definatley enjoy this!!