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In 2005 Derrick Morgan´s Moon Hop was playing in a stereo in Granada. A few minutes later, Red Soul Community´s first song was born. Five years after that, they have backed Mr Symarip and Chris Murray up, have released an Ep with Liquidator Records, have appear in compilations, have played in festivals and have toured all around Europe. Now, their first full length album “What are you doing?” comes to light released by Grover Records.


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Blechreiz is a German ska band founded in 1983 in southern Berlin. Along with Skaos from Bavarian Krumbach, No Sports, The Braces from J├╝lich, El Bosso & die Ping-Pongs from Munster and The Busters from Wiesloch, Blechreiz was one of the pioneers of the German ska scene at the end of the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s. The band mostly plays songs it writes and arranges itself. A number of changes in the lineup has meant that Blechreiz’s style has varied over the years. Blechreiz allies itself with anti-racist and anti-fascist skinheads such as Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice (SHARP).


1988: Out Tonight
1990: Who Napped JB
1991: Who Napped JB
1993: Which Side Are You On?
1994: Rude Gangsters – LP-CD
1995: Schnaps oder Suppe – Live-LP-CD
2009: Those were are the Days – Live-CD


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