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The Mad Lighters

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The Mad Lighters was founded in 1990, but was formerly known, back in 1984 as The Heart Beat Band, and had their first record featuring lengendary trombonist Rico Rodriguez in 1988 (Mensch records).Eversince, they've been self-produceing an original roots reggae and ska music, featuring some guests such as Rico Rodriguez , Mad Prof or Vin Gordon aka Don D Junior .Their music is to be found on 4 albums (Dread Lion Records):"Play on Mr Music" (1991), released in USA as "Skatown", "Shine" (2000), "Freedom Call" (2002) and lately "Move on" (2010). Lead singer Phil Santschi, alongside Antonello & Cristina Lubello (bass and keys) have been leading the combo, sharing the love of jamaican music with many local musicians, drummer Daniel Spahni amongst all (LKJ & The Dennis Bovell Dub Band).Their many concerts all over Europe make The Mad Lighters an experienced Live act that's sure to bring the audience to cheer up and invade the dancefloor.


Shine (2000)
Freedom Call (2002)
MOVE ON (2010)

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straight from jogja city,central java,indonesia. dubyouth is a two piece group that combine many elements of music.from reggae to drum n bass,dancehall,dub,2step,raggamuffin and even more! formed back in 2003 with poppa tee on the mic and dee metz mashing the mixer(also some top notch guest star sometime) ,dubyouth has already rock some party.


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Band ska rocksteady ini berasal dari Osaka Jepang yang terbentuk pada tahun 1990 dan bubar pada tahun 2004. Nama Determinations berasal dari lagu the skatalites yang berarti kesatuan.

Discography :

full of determination

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The Erin Bardwell Collective

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The Erin Bardwell Collective' is Erin Bardwell's latest reggae/rocksteady band. Established 2003 (studio) & 2004 (live). Currently a 5 to 6 piece line up with guests. In 2008 Neol Davies from The Selecter made his first special guest appearance with the band. This was repeated twice in 2010. See 'Events' page for latest gig details.

Discography : 

Volume 1 2003
Man Cool Rides Again  2005
Kingston Experience 2005
Volume 2 2006
Earth Scorchers  2007
Fry Up  2008
Volume 3 2008
One Rhythm EP 2010
Moody Man 2011
Bringing The Hope 2012

Madness Vive Latino Live 2012

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One Step Beyond
The Prince
My Girl
The Sun And The Rain
Iron Shirt
Shut Up
Bed & Breakfast Man
Forever Young
The House Of Fun
Baggy Tousers
Our House
It Must Be Love
Nightboat To Cairo

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The Specials Live Carnival House Japan 1980

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Heres The Specials In a cracking show from 1980
enjoy all
download below

Ska Beatz dvd

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This ones for Crasher
This is the dvd of Ska Beatz Joe Massot's dance craze outakes
featuring The Selecter,Madness,Bad Manners and The Bodysnatchers
Enjoy all
download below

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A Special Time In New York City!

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The Specials Live Terminal 5 April 22nd 2010
Do The Dog
Dawning Of A New Era
Monkey Man
It's Up To You
Rat Race
Hey, Little Rich Girl
Blank Expression
Doesn't Make It Alright
Stupid Marriage
Concrete Jungle
Friday Night, Saturday Morning
Man At C&A
Stage Banter
A Message To You Rudy
Do Nothing
Little Bitch
Nite Klub
Too Much Too Young
You're Wondering Now
Ghost Town
Enjoy Yourself
Long Shot Kick The Bucket

BBC Arena Documentary on 2-Tone

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The legendary Documentary on 2-Tone presented by Adrian Thrills
Download Below

Bad Manners and The English Beat Skank in the U.S.A

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Heres a great double skanking fest for you all
recorded in Dallas Texas 01-09-2010
Bad Manners
01. Echo 4-2
02. This Is Ska
03. Lorraine
04. Feel Like Jumping
05. Sampson and Delilah
06. Fatty Fatty
07. Sally Brown
08. Red river ska
09. Get The Feeling
10 Skinhead Girl
11. Inner London Violence
12. Dont you be angry
13. Wooly Bully
14. Skinhead Love Affair
15. Special Brew
16. Lip Up Fatty

The English Beat
01. Intro
02. Rough Rider
03. Tears Of A Clown
04. Two Swords
05. I’ll Take You There
06. I Confess
07. Hands Off…She’s Mine
08. Can’t Get Used To Losing You
09. Loving You Last Forever
10. Whine & Grind/Stand Down Margaret
11. Twist and Crawl
12. Click Click
13. Save It For Later
14. Ackee 1, 2, 3
15 .Never You Done That
16. Tenderness
17. Ranking Full Stop
18. Mirror In The Bathroom
19. Jackpot 


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The Specials Lowlands 2010

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The Specials - Lowlands Festival
20 Aug. 2010
01 Do The Dog
02 (Dawning Of A) New Era
03 Gangsters
04 It's Up To You
05 Monkey Man
06 Rat Race
07 Hey Little Rich Girl
08 Blank Expression
09 Doesn't Make It Alright
10 Concrete Jungle
11 Stereotypes
12 Man At C & A
13 A Message To You, Rudy
14 Do Nothing
15 Little Bitch
16 Nite Klub
17 Too Much Too Young
18 Enjoy Yourself (It's Later Than You Think)
19 You're Wondering Now

The Skatalites Live Crystal Bay 15-06-10

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01 - Freedom Sounds
02 - Confucious
03 - Bridge View
04 - Occupation
05 - River to the Bank
06 - Latin Goes Ska
07 - El Pussycat
08 - Guns of Navarone
09 - Rock Fort Rock
10 - Swing Easy
11 - By The Rivers of Babylon
12 - Message to Rudy
13 - James Bond
14 - A Trip to Mars
15 - Phoenix City
16 - Freedom Sounds (Reprise)
17 - Encore Break/Band Introductions
18 - Carry Go Bring Come

The Specials Live Club Nokia

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01. Enjoy Yourself (Introduction Pre-recorded)*
02. Do The Dog
03. Dawning Of A New Era
04. Gangsters
05. It's Up To You
06. Monkey Man
07. Rat Race
08. Hey, Little Rich Girl
09. Blank Expression
10. Doesn't Make It Alright
11. Stupid Marriage
12. Concrete Jungle
13. Friday Night, Saturday Morning
14. Stereotype
15. Man At C&A
16. A Message To You Rudy
17. Do Nothing
18. Little Bitch
19. Nite Klub
20. Too Much Too Young
21. You're Wondering Now
22. Encore Break
23. Ghost Town
24. Enjoy Yourself

Madness Madstock 2009

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1. One step beyond 4:18 Min.
2. Embarrassment 3:26 Min.
3. The Prince 2:42 Min.
4. NW5 4:48 Min.
5. My girl 3:35 Min.
6. Dust devil 3:26 Min.
7. Take it or leave it 4:00 Min.
8. The Sun and the rain 4:27 Min.
9. Forever young 4:17 Min.
10. Shut up 3:39 Min.
11. I chase the devil 4:20 Min.
12. Clerkenwell Polka 4:24 Min.
13. Grey day 4:29 Min.
14. Taller than you are 3:16 Min.
15. That close 4:08 Min.
16. Bed and Breakfast 3:10 Min.
17. The Liberty of Norton Folgate 10:23 Min.
18. House of fun 2:51 Min.
19. Wings of a dove 3:09 Min.
20. Baggy trousers 2:54 Min.
21. Our house 3:55 Min.
22. It must be love 7:43 Min.
23. On the town 4:02 Min.
24. Madness 3:29 Min.
25. Night boat to Cairo 6:04 Min.

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Ska, Reggae, and Rocksteady band based in the UK.

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Steven Jam

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The Specials - More...Or Less. The Specials Live

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01 – A Message to You Rudy (Live)
02 – Do the Dog (Live)
03 – It’s Up to You (Live)
04 – Nite Klub (Live)
05 – Doesn’t Make It Alright (Live)
06 – Concrete Jungle (Live)
07 – Too Hot (Live)
08 – Monkey Man (Live)
09 – (Dawning of A) New Era (Live)
10 – Blank Expression (Live)
11 – Stupid Marriage (Live)
12 – Too Much Too Young (Live)
13 – Little Bitch (Live)
14 – You’re Wondering Now (Live)

01 – Enjoy Yourself (It’s Later Than You Think) (Live)
02 – Rat Race (Live)
03 – Man At C&A (Live)
04 – Hey Little Rich Girl (Live)
05 – Do Nothing (Live)
06 – Pearl’s Cafe (Live)
07 – Stereotype (Live)
08 – Ghost Town (Live)
09 – Friday Night, Saturday Morning (Live)
10 – International Jet Set (Live)
11 – Gangsters (Live)
12 – Guns of Navarone (Live)

Rude Boy

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Rude Boy is a super-high energy ska/roots/rock/reggae 5-piece dynamo from Ottawa that exploded out of the gate in 1998 with their now classic debut album Shut Up & Dance released on Montreal’s Stomp records -the label that also brought us Bedouin Soundclash.
Formed around main singer/songwriter Scott Amey, Rude Boy follows the trail blazed by The Specials, The English Beat, and other bands from the 2-tone era. Meld purist early sixties style reggae with catchy pop driven numbers, add a dash of clever lyrical lament and you have Canada’s best kept ska secret.
Reborn in 2008 with the original members, Rude Boy has "dusted off the cobwebs" and stormed back onto the ska scene with a re-release of Shut Up & Dance as well as a second album, Rude Boy 2, to be released this year. A third album is written and the new material will be polished on the road with the 1980 motorhome the band rebuilt and named "The Ska-V" on their recent western Canadian tour.

 Discography :

 Rude Boy 2

The Hippy Boys

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The Hippy Boys was formed in 1968 by Lloyd Charmers. The band included guitarist Alva "Reggie" Lewis, organistGlen Adams and brothers Aston 'Family Man' Barrett on bass guitar and Carlton Barrettdrums respectively.


Monkey Boots

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Monkey Boots band rocksteady asal Jakarta Indonesia ini digawangi oleh King Edwin (trumpet,banjo,harmonica,clarinet,back vocal)Renato toninghu manurung (low blow), Reonaldo simanungkalit (Tenor sax), Akbar "wau" budiman (rhytm guitar), Abiand plan aka Adam (lead guitar), Denny Frust (vocal), Indra Paramanandana aka Sucke (bass), Ewox steady (drum). Mongkey boots ini pernah masuk ke dalam 20 finalis The London Intl Ska Festival 2012 Band Competition. Dengan itu, Monkey Boots memiliki peluang untuk tampil sebagai band pembuka The London Intl Ska Festival 2012 di London, Inggris, yang akan berlangsung selama empat hari mulai tanggal 3 sampai 6 Mei 2012.




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Band ska rocksteady yang berasal dari Semarang Indonesia ini digawangi oleh melya - vocal, Mac - Guitar, Deny - Guitar, Koko - trumpet, Galih - Trombone, Mimid - Keybord, Bay - Dru.


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Bandung Inikami Orcheska

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Bandung Inikami Orcheska terbentuk pada tanggal 13 Maret 2006 di Kota Bandung yang  beranggotakan Riksa Al Hasil, Ndik Kichi, Randi Pujalaksana, Indra Kusumah, Februari Budi Baskara, Ivan ‘Goib’ Febian, Apink Van Bandoengsce dan Taufik Vicko Hilman ini mencoba berdikari dalam pencapaian konsep musik yang dimainkannya berusaha membangkitkan kenangan, gairah dan semangat Third Wave Ska dengan tetap menyuguhkan pola, karakter dan aksen yang dimiliki Bandung Inikami Orcheska itu sendiri.


Babylove & The Van Dangos

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"Babylove & The Van Dangos" founded in 2004 in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2005 and took her first album "Run Run Rudie" on Lovers Choice Records and 2006 out in the U.S. version on Megalith Records. 2008 he released "Lovers Choice" on Megalith, Mad Butcher and Gateway Music and in 2011 released their third album "The Money & The Time" on Lovers Choice and Jump Up Records. In April 2012, their fourth album, "Let It Come, Let It Go" appeared on "Pork Pie"."Babylove & The Van Dangos" play a mix of ska, reggae and rocksteady, but are influenced by many other genres such as blues, doo-wop and soul.They played more than 400 concerts, including such well the Roskilde Festival.In the eight years of their existence, they worked with international artists of the ska and reggae scene as Doreen Shaffer, Victor Rice, Chris Murray and Coolie Ranx together of the toaster.

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Madness - A Guided Tour of Madness (2011)

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A Guided Tour of Madness is a 3-disc anthology which features 70 singles and album tracks (from One Step Beyond... to The Liberty of Norton Folgate) and an exclusive DVD of the band's comeback concert at Madstock in 1992. It also includes a booklet with an interviews with the band, photos, the cartoon Nutty Comic (1981) and the Madness Map of Camden, the band's historic stomping ground.
Disc 1
01. The Prince
02. Madness
03. Mistakes
04. Bed & Breakfast Man
05. One Step Beyond
06. The Young & The Old
07. Deceives The Eye
08. My Girl
09. Believe Me
10. In The Middle Of The Night
11. Night Boat To Cairo
12. On The Beat Pete
13. Not Home Today
14. Baggy Trousers
15. Disappear
16. You Said
17. Embarrassment
18. Take It Or Leave It
19. The Return Of The Los Palmas 7
20. Grey Day
21. Tomorrow’s Dream
22. Mrs. Hutchinson
23. Shut Up
24. Sign Of The Times
25. It Must Be Love
26. In The City
27. Cardiac Arrest

Disc 2
1. House Of Fun
2. Don’t Look Back
3. Primrose Hill
4. Driving In My Car
5. Calling Cards
6. Blue Skinned Beast
7. Our House
8. Madness (Is All In The Mind)
9. Tomorrow's (Just Another Day)
10. Wings Of A Dove
11. March Of The Gherkins
12. Keep Moving
13. The Sun & The Rain
14. Samantha
15. Prospects
16. One Better Day
17. Michael Caine
18. Victoria Gardens
19. Yesterday's Men
20. All I Knew
21. I'll Compete
22. Uncle Sam

Disc 3
1. Waiting For The Ghost Train
2. The Wizard
3. The Communicator
4. Lovestruck
5. Elysium
6. Drip Fed Fred
7. Saturday Night, Sunday Morning
8. Johnny The Horse
9. Sarah's Song
10. Girl Why Don't You?
11. Lola
12. I Chase The Devil Aka Ironshirt
13. Shame & Scandal
14. You Keep Me Hanging On
15. NW5
16. Forever Young
17. That Close
18. Dust Devil
19. On The Town
20. Sugar And Spice
21. Le Grand Pantalon (inedito)

root diamoons

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Those lads that in 2001 with more enthusiasm than skill with their instruments started doing music in the Horta-Guinardo district of Barcelona under the name of The Short Skankers are today ROOT DIAMOONS. A consolidated experienced and awarded project that collects the legacy of traditional ska, rocksteady and genuine ska-jazz from the Jamaican geniuses of the 60’s -meaning Jackie Opel, The Skatalites or Justin Hinds & The Dominoes- with the same fondness with which they listen to the American revivalists of the 90’s such as Hepcat, The Articles, Jump With Joey and The Slackers.
Elegance is owned or not . It is not enough to show off in a just bought Armani suit or to emulate the pioneers in a futile attempt. Style written in capital letters cannot be pretended, it is acquired and assimilated after long years of obsessive listening to the classics and embodying crystal clear ideas on stage. Hundreds of hours spent in a noble cause with giants like John Coltrane, Charlie Mingus, Charlie Parker, the Soul Vendors and Lyn Taitt & The Jets. With record labels like Blue Note, Atlantic, Studio One and Treasure Isle.
Definitively a sure bet from the Brixton Records-Silver Bullets factory: 14 tracks with dance floor vocation that help us to face life with an upbeat attitude. As if raiders in search of the very essence of Jamaican roots and bringing it to the jazz side or as teenagers in love with an uptown girl whose name might be Laila or Mary Ann.


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Maddie Ruthless

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Maddie Ruthless is the self proclaimed (and rightfully so) Rocksteady Queen of New Orleans and officially taking back DIVA for Ska music. She has been writing reggae music and spinning records since 2007. 
Pass :

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Katchafire is a New Zealand roots reggae band from Hamilton, New Zealand.Katchafire formed in 1997 as a Bob Marley tribute band and later began writing and performing their own songs.


Dub Echoes

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“Dub Echoes” is a documentary that traces the origins of the Jamaican dub music and it’s influence on the development of hip hop and electronic music.The film shows how the Jamaican invention called dub ended up influencing much of the music we hear today, from electronic music to hip-hop, transforming the studio in a musical instrument and giving way to all of sonic experiments.


Ska Cubano

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Take the propulsive backbeat shuffle of Jamaican ska and blend it with soulful Afro-Cuban son, and the result is Ska Cubano.The band is the creation of London promoter Peter Scott, who came up with the brilliant idea of blending two of the Caribbean’s most influential music styles.


The Bullets

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The Bullets are a new group formed by, Roger Rivas of The Aggrolites. The Bullets also feature members of Mobtown, Irie Beats, The Israelites, as well as Aggrolites drummer, Alex Mckenzie. They'll be playing their debut show October 23rd at the Bluebeat Lounge. Stay tuned for more music and news from The Bullets.


Sweet Misery (2010)

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Prince Fatty

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Prince Fatty sound is designed to dub your feet with Rock Steady beats and stimulate brain waves in a jazz-like way… delivered in an up-beat, positive and organic funk fashion. Mixed in an analog haze of vintage spring reverbs, tape echoes and custom hi-grade mixing console, Prince Fatty won’t disappoint the lovers of the early 70s sound.The Prince Fatty band features Winston Francis, Alcapone, Little Roy, Horseman, Hollie Cook and guests.

The Best of Prince Fatty

Survival Of The Fattest

Return Of Gringo

Transistor Cowboy / Son Of A Thousand Fathers


The One Droppers

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The One Droppers moved their first steps in the 2003 with the intent to propose Jamaican sound of the sixties. After various changes of line-up and many gigs in the northern Italy, the band found its actual lineup in 2006: eight musicians coming from glorious experiences with different Italian ska bands like Mr. T-bone, Franziska, The Smarts, Arpioni and Jamaica Red Stripe. In the 2006 they set off togheter for a small tour with a notable feedback from the audience. The tour lead to the recording of the Ep “1D EP”, a 7 track cd that samples the sound and the style of the band.



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Dub Pistols

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Dub Pistols - Cyclone.mp3

Dub Pistols are a London based dub music and big beat band, founded by ex-club promoter, Barry Ashworth, in 1996. The other members of the band were record producer and bassist Jason O'Bryan, Brooklyn producer and lyricist, T. K. Lawrence on vocals, Jap Slut guitarist John King, and turntablist DJ Stix / Steve Hunt. Guest songwriters and vocalists include Blade, James Dewes Sheffield (JMS), Rodney King and Terry Hall. In 2008 Dan Bowskill joined the band.

Point Blank (1998) , Part1, Part 2
Six Million Ways to Live (2005)
Speakers and Tweeters (2007)
Rum & Coke (2009)
Re-Hash (2011)
Worshipping the Dollar (2012)

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open season

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Open Season is Switzerland's number 1 Reggae-Ska band. With extensive touring to the cities of Europe, sold-out shows in Switzerland's best clubs and at the country's biggest festivals, the 10-piece crew sets on fire the crowds throughout Europe. The band is in the rotation of the national radio stations and has 11 releases in Europe, the US and Japan. Open Season plays its own version of Reggae, Rocksteady and Ska and knows after 500 what matters most: it has to rock, baby, rock!


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01 Grow (5:53)
02 A Gathering Storm (5:05)
03 Ten Eleven (4:59)
04 Sticks And Stones (4:13)
05 The Silent Wail (7:08)
06 A Tale Of Woe (4:22)
07 The Hour Of Two Lights (5:55)
08 This And That (4:34)
09 They Gotta Quit Kicking My Dog Around (5:06)
10 Stand Together (4:46)
11 Epilogue (5:10) 

Terry Hall

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Terry Hall (born Terence Edward Hall; 19 March 1959, in Coventry, England) is the lead singer of The Specials, and formerly of Fun Boy Three, The Colourfield, Terry, Blair & Anouchka and Vegas. He released his first solo album, Home, in 1994.


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Vegas is the self-titled d├ębut album by the duo of ex-Eurythmics member David A. Stewart and Terry Hall formerly of The Specials.The album was promoted by three singles - "Possessed" and "She" in September and November of 1992 and "Walk Into The Wind" in April 1993.


Terry, Blair & Anouchka

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Terry, Blair & Anouchka was a musical outfit, active in the early 1990s. The group was formed by Coventry born singer Terry Hall, American actress Blair Booth and jeweller Anouchka Grose.Terry, Blair & Anouchka were formed shortly after the dissolution of Terry's previous musical project The Colourfield. All three members shared a love for '60s pop, as well as kitschy mainstream pop, as evidenced on the trio's cover of Captain & Tennille's "Love Will Keep Us Together." Their debut single "Missing," was released in the autumn of 1989 and while it didn't make much of an impact (peaking at number 75 on the UK singles charts), it did have the distinct dishonour of making the Guinness Book of Records list of least successful singles by any act.

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The Colourfield

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The Colourfield were a British band formed in 1984 in Manchester, when former Specials and Fun Boy Three frontman, Terry Hall, joined up with ex-Swinging Cats members Toby Lyons and Karl Shale. Despite all three of them originating from Coventry, they made their homebase in Manchester.

The Moon Invaders

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The Moon Invaders is a nine-piece SKA band from Brussels, Belgium, playing their own rendition of authentic SKA music and has done so for over seven years since the launch of their first album they toured throughout Europe in May 2007 had the pleasure to be the backing band of the legendary Mr. Rocksteady Alton Ellis for a special exhibition in Brussels, they have released three full length albums and an EP